Weymouth Beach Rugby festival will be held on Weymouth Beach on 30 June – 2 July 2023 with tag rugby tournaments for both Men, Ladies and Family teams.


Beach Netball
An extremely fun variation of the game that follows all the basic rules with a slight beach netball
twist. The festival is for all experiences and abilities in a friendly and family orientated environment.
The festival will take place across Saturday and Sunday- please ensure you can field a team for both
days. Results and table updated throughout the day on a board with awards Sunday after games.

The chosen charities is The Royal Marines Charity, MND & The Darby Rimmer Foundation.

Weymouth Beach Rugby Fest Schedule

Friday 5th July 2024
4pm-6pm – Team Registrations Open
6pm – Launch Party with live music from “The Leggomen”
10.30pm – Event Finish

Saturday 6th July 2024
9am – Site Open – Team Check-In
10am-4.30pm Tag Rugby & Netball Tournaments
6pm – Evening Entertainment with live music from “Iron hide Band”
10.30pm – Event Finish

Sunday 7th July 2024
9am – Site Open – Team Check-In
10am-4pm Tag Rugby & Netball Tournaments
4pm-6pm Awards & Celebration Drinks
6pm – Event Finish

There will be a fully stocked Bar running throughout the event

5v5– min 5 players and max 7 players in each squad with rolling substitutions.
Players must be aged 14+, all abilities and experiences welcome. 

The role of an umpire to ensure a fair and safe game of netball. Participants must listen and abide by the umpires decisions at all times. They will promote sportsmanship of play of which they can give out warnings or send off players if players do not play within the rules or with good sportsmanship.
Playing positions and bibs: C needs an official ‘C’ bib. Attacking and defending to wear bibs inside out so team is identified by having the same colours bibs and to allow for rolling subs to occur. Each team to have 7 bibs each.


  • 2 x 4 minute halves with 30 second break at half time to switch ends.
  • A member from each team will decide on first centre pass by winning a game of rock papers scissors. Losing team decides which end to shoot.
  • To start play from the centre pass- one foot must be in the circle.
  • Netball rules apply- footwork, 3 seconds, no contact, 3 ft marking distance, offside, court of court, replayed ball. See below for all netball rules and sanctions.
  • Scoring- 1 point inside the shooting area and 3 points outside
  • Players can dive for the ball as it is on sand. A player can then either throw the ball from the ground to another player or stand up and throw the ball, as long as this is done within the 3 second timeframe.
  • 5 V 5, 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 1 centre court player. The two attackers must stay in one half whilst the 2 defenders must stay in the other. They can not cross over onto the opposing half. The Centre can go everywhere except the shooting area
  • Rolling substitutions throughout the game. Time will not be stopped.
  • The two attackers can shoot from inside and outside the shooting area.
  • ‘C’ can shoot ONLY from outside the shooting area for the 3 pointers.
  • After a goal is scored a member of the opposing teams C will restart play with a free pass from the halfway point on court.
  • From a centre pass, one pass must be received in the attacking half before passing into the scoring area to attempt a goal.

Healthy and Safety

  • Hair tied back if possible
  • Jewellery: Players must remove all jewellery before their game, jewellery cannot be taped unless it’s a wedding band. If you do not remove your jewellery you cannot play (Tape is available).
  • Nails must be short and smooth. As a guideline, nails should be no longer than 1mm long and should not be seen from the underside of the finger. This is to protect other players from injury. If you’re told your nails are too long you will be asked to file them down.
  • Before taking the court, umpires will check players for jewellery and nails, and notify players if they do not meet the requirements to play.
  • First aiders available on site (tent)
  • No foot wear when playing
  • If there is an injury the game will stop for 1 minute and allow for changes if required. If the Injury is serious the game may be called off completely and the score at that moment will count towards the end score.

Players cannot move with the ball. The first foot you land on is the foot you cannot move but the second foot you can move. Sanction: free pass Offside All players, whether they have the ball or not, cannot move into an area of the court which their position is not allowed to enter. Sanction: free pass
Held Ball. The umpire will call held ball if a player has possession of the ball longer than 3 seconds. Sanction: free pass

Images care of Mark Campbell our official photographer